Dynamic Set Dollar Treasury

DSD has grown during the past 1.5 months at a remarkable pace. A vibrant community has been established, first integrations are in place and many community members have done outstanding things in order to push the project forward.

So far, the entire development around Dynamic Set Protocol has been self-funded by the core team. This has been a viable solution until now, yet given the size of the project, upcoming operations and the future vision, proceeding in that manner is not sustainable nor financially affordable anymore.

Now it is time for proper structures to come into place and to establish a way to provide funding for all efforts supporting the protocol. In order to maximize the potential of DSD and provide the team with the resources needed to grow the protocol, we are proposing a treasury fund for community approval.

We are proposing the following treasury structure to be voted on by DAO bonders:

  • Initial funding for the treasury : A one-time mint ot 2M DSD
  • Additional and ongoing funding will come from 3% of the expansion rewards or donations
  • All expenses of the treasury can be proposed and voted on https://snapshot.page/#/dsd.eth

The treasury is located at 0xC7DA8087b8BA11f0892f1B0BFacfD44C116B303e and controlled by 9 multisig signers (5/9 required to make an expense). During the next days we will release details about the proposed processes on how to apply for funding etc.

Following community nominations, we are proposing the following 9 initial signers that have proven their commitment to DSD and are eager to support DSD in any possible way.
Every 3 months, there will be a vote on new signers to be added and the existing ones to potentially be restructured.

  • DSD core team: devnull, devOne & devtwo
  • 0xMaki: Founder of Sushiswap
  • Ross Middleton: CFO of Deversifi
  • Lex Moskovski: CT OG, Data Wizard
  • Ravage: DSD Partnership Manager
  • Sabretooth: Algostable OG
  • Wilske: Honorable community member

The voting on the treasury proposal can be found here and is yet to be voted. We would kindly appreciate your support in the voting to push DSD forward and opening up new possibilities.

PR: https://github.com/dynamicsetdollar/dsd-protocol/pull/9

DAO Voting: https://dsd.finance/app/#/governance/candidate/0x07F96405a249003386A24F5736E2A044a701dCFD

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