DSD: Sushiswap Migration

Please find a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to migrate your liquidity below.

With DIP-16 we are proposing to move the main liquidity pool from Uniswap to Sushiswap. Upon implementation, Sushiswap LPs are rewarded with DSD during expansion.

To recap our reasoning for this move:

Since @0xMaki 源 義経 is already on our multisig panel, we are now on the verge to fully move over to Sushiswap to intensify our cooperation. Sushi is showing an impressive development and we are happy to onboard the train and see long-standing benefits for our community.

There is no rush to migrate your liquidity, as there are currently no rewards for LPs. The day after DIP-16 has been approved and committed, we will link to the Sushiswap pool on the DSD website.

Migration Guide

1. Withdraw Uni-v2 token

First, you need to withdraw your Uni-V2 token from the DAO.

Your status has to read ‘Unlocked’ for both the unbonding and the withdrawal.

2. Migrate Uni-v2 token to Sushiswap

In a second step, you can migrate your Uni-V2 token for Sushi LP token.

  • Navigate to https://lite.sushi.com/#/migrate
  • Connect your wallet that holds the DSD-USDC Uni-V2 token
  • Select your Uniswap liquidity
  • Convert ‘max’ amount to Sushiswap liquidity

3. Bond Sushi LP token

Finally, you can redeposit your Sushi LP token to the DAO.

  • Navigate to https://dsd.finance/app/#/pool/
  • Click ‘Unlock’ to approve deposits of Sushi LP token
  • Click ‘Deposit’, select the amount of Sushi LP token that you want to deposit, and approve the transaction.
  • Click ‘Bond’ and approve the transaction.

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