DSD: Sushiswap Migration

Migration Guide

1. Withdraw Uni-v2 token

2. Migrate Uni-v2 token to Sushiswap

  • Navigate to https://lite.sushi.com/#/migrate
  • Connect your wallet that holds the DSD-USDC Uni-V2 token
  • Select your Uniswap liquidity
  • Convert ‘max’ amount to Sushiswap liquidity

3. Bond Sushi LP token

  • Navigate to https://dsd.finance/app/#/pool/
  • Click ‘Unlock’ to approve deposits of Sushi LP token
  • Click ‘Deposit’, select the amount of Sushi LP token that you want to deposit, and approve the transaction.
  • Click ‘Bond’ and approve the transaction.



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